Krav Maga vs. Demon Children

Learn some principles and techniques to help in case you find yourself being hunted by Satan’s spawn.
Valley Self-Defense
October 30, 2022
Krav Maga vs. Demon Children

The kids you’ve been babysitting have started leaking blood from their eyes. Your neighbor’s child simply stares for hours at you without blinking. Outside your kid’s school, there’s a group of pale, blond children who never seem to have any parents around and for some reason they seem to have farm equipment. And you can’t seem to get the thought out of your head, but you keep thinking that your child is actually the devil’s seed. What is going on?

My friend, you might be dealing with some demon children.

I’m not gonna lie: this group will be the hardest to combat using your Krav Maga skills. But we can give you some principles and techniques to help in case you find yourself being hunted by Satan’s spawn.

Situational awareness will always be your friend

You may notice that we always say this and that’s because it’s always true. It will be less effective against children with the power of Hell, but it’ll still be important. Stick to the ground floor of buildings and away from windows as well. Just trust us.

Just stay away from twins

Twins in horror movies always spell trouble, whether they’re dead or alive, adults or children. Even in the real world, twins can make your life complicated. So if you run into a few in the hallway in your hotel, it might be a good idea to leave if you can.

Listen to your children

It might seem like your child is the bad one, but if they keep insisting it’s the supposedly golden child who is perfect in every way, maybe take a pause and listen. Is your child insistent that there are ghosts terrorizing them? Sure, it could be an overactive imagination, but maybe you should get that exorcist on the phone. And yes - this is real.

Lastly, listen to your gut

We talk about using your intuition constantly and in this case, it’s no different. Do you feel like this child is following you? Try and change up your route. This may be hard when you’re trying to avoid a supernatural being. Sadly, as much as you can listen to your intuition, it won’t matter if you’ve been marked by the devil.

We wish you luck staying away from any demon children you may encounter. Got here, but you’re actually having issues with zombies? We can help you out! Maybe you’re being stalked by a slasher? We got you!

You've made it past Jason only to run into the Day of the Dead? We've got you covered there too! The best Krav Maga moves to defend yourself for the zombie apocalypse.

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