Kids and Juniors Krav MagaKids and Juniors Krav Maga

Kids and Juniors Krav Maga in Stillwater, Minnesota

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Kids and Juniors Krav Maga

Your child can learn to defend themselves in a safe and fun environment.

Through games and fun, we teach your child how to defend themselves on the playground and on the street. Krav Maga can help your child gain confidence, no matter their surroundings.

Through Krav Maga training, children are taught to recognize common threats, like bullies and kidnappers. The training also aims to improve their self-esteem, build confidence respect and discipline. We work with children on items such as boundaries, consent, and other ways to help them feel in control of their own bodies. IKMF Kid Krav Maga methods, especially in the younger age group are mostly taught through Krav Maga games.

Games help children develop coordination, learn how to follow directions, and foster assertiveness. Through these games, kids are taught how to avoid confrontation and how to defend themselves when necessary in order to escape. Kid Krav Maga openly and cautiously explains attack scenarios kids may encounter, the difference between being bullied by a classmate or by an unknown adult, their options in each situation, what is the proportional response, and so on.

They get a true sense of the path they are on and their progress and they realize that no goal is impossible. In the process they also get a great work out! Kids who need to let out steam can also get a break in Krav Maga training. They're permitted to hit the punching bag, fight with another student under the instructor's supervision, and in the process learn that without these pre-conditions it is not ok to hit or fight.

Valley Self-Defense allows children starting at age 5 to join the Kids Krav Maga class.

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