Personal Self-Defense Weapons You Can Carry On Your Body

What's the best weapon to carry on your body? Find out here.
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January 28, 2022
Personal Self-Defense Weapons You Can Carry On Your Body

January is National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month. Obviously, Valley Self-Defense highly recommends Krav Maga - it's easy to learn, uses your natural reactions to an attack to defend yourself, and can be taught to anyone, no matter their fitness level or ability. Even with that, all of our instructors carry a personal self-defense weapon of some type. With that in mind, Valley Self-Defense has reviewed a number of personal self-defense weapon options so that you don't have to.

For everything that we show you here, the thing that we want you to be aware of: any weapon is only as good as the practice you use with it. If you have your permit to carry, that's great - but how often do you practice pulling your gun from your holster when someone is charging at you? If you have pepper spray or pepper gel, is it in your purse or in your hand when you're walking and is it in proper working order?

With that in mind, here are a handful of personal self-defense weapons that you can think about using in conjunction with your Krav Maga practice.

Tactical Flashlight

Valley Self-Defense has a great love for tactical flashlights - they are versatile, easy to use, easy to transport, and won't be confiscated from you at the airport. Flashlights can be used in places with a lack of street lighting, used to blind an attacker, confuse someone walking near your path, and used to punch and hit. To learn more, you can watch the video for examples and techniques.

Pocket Weapons

Pocket weapon keychains have become incredibly popular in the last few years. Valley Self-Defense reviewed a number of keychains, kubatons, and more, as well as discussed the legality in Minnesota and on airplanes. Like all personal defense weapons, the more you practice with them, the more effective they will be.

Pepper Gel

Pepper spray is generally a go-to for personal self-defense, but Valley Self-Defense suggests using pepper gel. Pepper gel shoots further and is not weather-dependent. In poor weather, pepper spray can

Common Objects

You may not always have a weapon on you. What do you do if you find yourself in a situation where you need a weapon?

Carrying coffee? Throw it in the face of the person coming towards you. Mirrors, crystals, vases, lamps - all of these things make great weapons when you don't have access to anything else. When you step into any place there are two things you should always do: see where alternate exits are and see what you can use as a weapon if you can't reach whatever weapon you are carrying.

Defensive Shooting

Valley Self-Defense is proud to have one of the only International Krav Maga Federation-certified Defensive Shooting instructors in the United States. Your concealed weapon is great, if you have practiced with it and know how to pull it in a stressful situation. Defensive Shooting can help you in pulling from your holster, moving while shooting, and shooting from different positions.

What do you use for personal self-defense? Are there any tools that you'd like to see us review? Leave a comment below.

Krav Maga near me? There is! If you're looking for a Krav Maga class near you, Valley Self-Defense is a proud member of the International Krav Maga Federation with schools located across the United States. To find a school near you, visit the IKMF USA website.

Interested in a self-defense weapon? There are plenty of options on the market, but before you buy, make sure you know the legal status in your state.

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