Brittany Eich

Brittany Eich

Instructor (Civilian, Women's and Kids)

Pronouns: She/Her

Rank: Graduate 3


IKMF Lead Civilian Instructor

IKMF Kids Instructor

IKMF Women's Self-Defense Instructor

IKMF Combat Fighting Instructor




Brittany Eich (Civilian, Women's, and Kids Instructor) believed her journey with Krav Maga would be a 3-hour seminar. After attending that seminar, Brittany realized how many more scenarios and situations there were to learn about to keep both herself and her loved ones safe. She decided to continue taking lessons because of her love of learning and understanding and the people she practices with who are friends and family that want to be in a safer world. Brittany achieved the rank of G3 in April 2023 under the testing of IKMF Master Avi Moyal. She currently teaches at Ronin Combat and Self-Defense as well as Valley Self-Defense. Brittany’s hope is that her students learn that they are strong, they are capable, and they can defend themselves. She hopes that they think about the lesson and are able to ask themselves questions like, “what is important to me? How would I react in this situation?” to help them remember what they’ve learned.

Motivation & Passion

Turning Point

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