Oleksiy "Alex" Chernyshov

Oleksiy "Alex" Chernyshov

Instructor (Civilian, Women's, and Kids)

Rank: Graduate 4


IKMF Civilian Instructor

IKMF Kids Instructor

IKMF Women's Self-Defense Instructor

First Aid & CPR Trained

Trauma-Informed Care



Oleksiy Chernyshov (Civilian, Women's and Kids Instructor) is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine and he has been practicing Krav Maga for 7 years. Oleksiy had his first taste of Krav Maga while doing volunteer work in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2012. He has been training with Valley Self Defense ever since. Traveling internationally for business and volunteer work is a big part of Oleksiy's life and he sees Krav Maga as a valuable skill to have in our ever-changing world. He became a civilian instructor in Krav Maga in 2017 and teaches civilian classes at Valley Self Defense. Oleksiy achieved the rank of G5 in April of 2024. Oleksiy's goal is to help his students to trust in their skills and training so that they may walk in peace wherever they go.

Motivation & Passion

Turning Point

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