Shelly Johnson

Shelly Johnson

Co-Owner and Instructor

Pronouns: She/Her

Rank: Graduate 3

Favorite Seminar: Anti-Kidnapping with Marcus Torgerson


IKMF Civilian Instructor

Women's Self Defense Instructor

First Aid and CPR Certified

StrikeFit® Cardio Kickboxing Instructor




Shelly Johnson (Co-owner of Valley Self-Defense, Civilian and Women's Self-Defense Instructor) has been training in Krav Maga for 5 years. Shelly was getting bored at the gym and started looking for something that would challenge her physically. Shelly teaches civilian classes at Valley Self-Defense, as well as helping instruct the Kids and Womens classes and seminars. Shelly has achieved the rank of Graduate 3 in July 2021. Shelly teaches people Krav Maga to help instill confidence in people's lives, whether walking down the street or standing at the bus stop. It’s important to Shelly that people feel prepared for whatever may happen in their everyday lives. Shelly’s goal is to achieve Kids Krav Maga certification in the future.

Motivation & Passion

Turning Point

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