First Aid Is A Form Of Self-Defense

Knowing how to care for yourself in the face of physical, mental, and emotional ailments is as important as "conventional" self-defense.
Danae Hudson
April 29, 2023
First Aid Is A Form Of Self-Defense

In today's world, safety and preparedness are key components of self-defense. While many people think of self-defense as physical defense against an attacker, it can also encompass taking steps to prevent and respond to emergencies. This is where first aid comes in. By having knowledge of first aid and carrying a first aid kit, you can be prepared to handle emergencies and protect yourself and others in the event of an injury or illness.

Protecting yourself from injury:
By knowing basic first aid techniques, you can quickly respond to an injury or illness and prevent it from becoming worse. This is incredibly important if you do find yourself in a dangerous situation where you’ve been attacked and injured. Knowing how to use a tourniquet, pack a gaping wound, or handle a head injury could be the difference between life and death.

Helping others in an emergency:
60,000 people die every year from preventable bleeding. In a crisis situation, you may be the only person who can provide assistance. While most people think of mass shootings as a time of crisis for first aid, we need to keep in mind car crashes, accidents involving glass or metal objects at home or at work, or life-threatening emergencies while hiking, biking, and more. 

And this is only thinking about life-threatening bleeding and not other emergencies like how to identify a stroke, a heart attack, hypothermia, and more. By knowing first aid, you can help others who are injured or ill, potentially saving their lives.

Dealing with dangerous situations:
In some cases, an injury or illness can escalate into a dangerous situation, such as a heart attack or severe allergic reaction. Knowing how to respond with first aid can help prevent the situation from becoming life-threatening.

More than just physical ailments:
In the past several years, the need for handling mental health crises has become more widely accepted. Programs like the American Red Cross handle physical first aid, but the National Council For Mental Wellbeing has created a Mental Health First Aid program for adults, youth, and older adults. It can help you respond to a person experiencing a mental health crisis or who has expressed suicidal thinking.

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