Meet POUND Instructor, Sara Monson

Get to know our newest instructor, Sara Monson!
Valley Self-Defense
November 1, 2023
Meet POUND Instructor, Sara Monson

Valley Self-Defense is excited to welcome Sara Monson as an instructor in POUND! As we’ve grown and expanded, VSD has worked to bring you more options for physical fitness and group classes. POUND is a music-driven, drumming-inspired workout that uses drumsticks to give you a cardio and strength-training workout. What we love about POUND is the focus on mental health, something we take very seriously at Valley Self-Defense.

We asked Sara a few questions to get to know her and POUND:


How did you first get into POUND?

I started taking POUND as a participant in 2018. I was never into group fitness, but the idea of a drumming workout intrigued me. I quickly fell in love with it and became a certified POUND Pro and began teaching in2019. I would have never pictured myself leading a fitness class, but I wanted to share my love of this fitness format with others.

What has POUND done for you and your life?

POUND has had the biggest effect on my mental health. You can get completely lost in the music, hit stuff, create a magical noise with others around you, AND get a good workout. I have never left a POUND class regretting that I showed up.

What do you want people to know about POUND or your POUND classes here at Valley Self-Defense?

POUND is designed for every body. That means every person, no matter what age, or what stage you are in your fitness journey, can do this workout. There are so many ways to modify the workout to make it your own. I want to always have a class where everyone feels like they belong, even if it is your first fitness class ever.

Interested in joining us? POUND takes place on Sundays at 10am. Your first class is free! To learn more or to sign up, click on this link:

Over time, we've found a handful of tips to can help people cope with panic during class. You can use them with self-defense or in any part of your life where you experience panic attacks and anxiety.

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