Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu In My 50s

I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when I was 54 and it's changed my life.
Peter Eisenberg
September 6, 2022
Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu In My 50s

I started Brazilian Jui Jitsu when I was 54 years old. When I started my self-defense career over 10 years ago, I was totally consumed with Krav Maga, but I'd always been interested in ground fighting. When I knew we were going to add Brazilian Jui Jitsu classes at Valley Self Defense, I decided to give it a try, mostly because I was friends with the teacher and I thought the owners should try it with the new students.

I was instantly hooked. The challenge of learning a new skill, the camaraderie of the other students, and the feeling of empowerment that came with mastering the techniques all appealed to me. I was so impressed with the way our instructor Eugene easily showed us how to get someone to the ground quickly and showed the self defense part of the sport.

BJJ allows me to be a student again and to be really vulnerable in front of my students. I am constantly getting tapped out by smaller opponents, but I love the learning that comes with this. I remember reading a saying that says “you have to suck at something in order to understand it and be good at it!” I feel that way about BJJ.

Since I started BJJ, I have seen big changes in my body! I have a stronger core than I have ever had. My wife told me that in the morning when I get out of bed, I used to look like an old man trying to get all of the kinks out of my body, but lately she said I stand straight up and move like I have been stretching for an hour.

It's been almost a year and a half now, and I'm still training regularly. I'm usually the oldest person in my class, but I have a wonderful time trying to stay up with the other students, and I try to hold my own against opponents half my age.

If you're thinking about starting Brazilian Jui Jitsu, or any other martial art, don't let your age hold you back. It's never too late to start something. You might just surprise yourself at how good you can be.

You can find out more about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and why we think it's a great compliment to Krav Maga here:

Valley Self-Defense hosts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu three days a week. Get to know our BJJ instructor before you join us!

Krav Maga near me? There is! If you're looking for a Krav Maga class near you, Valley Self-Defense is a proud member of the International Krav Maga Federation with schools located across the United States. To find a school near you, visit the IKMF USA website.

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